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Inspired by prefabricated and shipping container houses, Casa Mérida is a contemporary oasis in the middle of this stunning Spanish Colonial city.


Maximizing the homes connection with the outdoors was top priority. We have created two courtyards in the house, broken up by the centre pavilion which contains the kitchen and living room. Two walls of sliding glass peel back to open the home up to the front garden, where the alfresco dining area is located, and the pool courtyard towards the back of the property. 

The back of the property contains a second pavilion where the two bedrooms are located, each with a full ensuite bathroom and each with their own wall of sliding glass opening the bedrooms up to the pool area. 

Pulling inspiration from local materials, the home features limestone walls with chukum plaster. Rough hewn doors have recessed panels with woven henequen inlays, giving nod to the local industries of the past. 


Casa Mérida


Mérida, Mexico


Fall 2021